Budget Calculator for Missouri Bankruptcy

After your Missouri bankruptcy is complete, it is crucial to set up a monthly budget that will keep you financially secure and void of repeating previous financial mistakes. To begin creating a budget, you will need to evaluate the following:

  • Monthly income (If you receive income yearly, divide all annual earnings by 12)
  • Monthly expenses (If you have yearly expenses, divide them by 12)
  • If your total income exceeds your expenses, then you are ready to set-up a budget. If your total income does not exceed your expenses, then you will need to go back and reduce some expenses before creating a budget.
  • With extra money coming in each month, you can add new categories of “expenses” to help you save and plan for the future. Set-up categories such as retirement, savings, emergency savings, etc.

For resources in setting up your budget, view the links below. Each site provides you with a budget calculator that will help you stay on track with your finances.

AOL Money Resources

You Can Deal With It


Contact the Missouri Bankruptcy Center for additional help with recovering from your Missouri bankruptcy.

I was a small business owner that was affected by the current economic downturn. Because of this I had to shut the doors and file bankruptcy. Aaron Cook has been great to work with. He is very detailed, helped us gather all the information needed, and explained the whole process very well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone having to go through this process. – Trent