A look at unemployment trends in Missouri and the U.S.

This economy has been tough for quite a while now. While the initial panic and devastation of the Great Recession is over, the recovery has been long and slow. Recent unemployment data show that this will likely be the story in the months to come as well.

The U.S. unemployment rate now lies at around 7.9%. While this a large improvement from the high numbers in 2009 (upwards of 10%), it still is not the news that most people are looking for. For over 2 years, the unemployment rate has been above 8%, with only recently has the rate dipped to current levels.


A Comparison of U.S. and Missouri unemployment rates

As for Missouri, there is good news. With an employment rate of 6.9%, its economy seems to be doing better than the nation as a whole. In particular, Kansas City’s rate fell to 6.8% last month.

What does this mean for you? It means that while this economy has been stagnant for a long time, it appears that the future holds a recovery in store.  So if you are struggling financially, remember that the economic outlook is better in Kansas City and Missouri than for others in the United States.

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