What Does it Cost to File Missouri Bankruptcy?

4 things to consider about the cost of bankruptcy

missouri bankruptcy cost

Consider these 4 things about the cost of bankruptcy

Many of our potential clients ask us, “What does it cost to file bankruptcy?” The price varies based on several factors. We can give you a free estimate for your situation. In the meantime, remember these four things:

  1. Bankruptcy is an investment: Any money you spend filing bankruptcy will save you thousands of dollars in the debts that you will eliminate. In the long term, it is a good financial decision.
  2. Court fees are mandatory: Each state has the same court fees, which pay for administrative costs and other court-related costs. The fees are $306 for Chapter 7, $281 for Chapter 13, and $1,213 for Chapter 11.
  3. Attorney fees vary based on different factors: Attorneys are required by law to disclose their attorney fees. These fees vary based on how complex your situation is, how much time it takes to work on your case, and the type of bankruptcy that you file. The national average cost is around $1,200 for Chapter 7 and around $3,000 for Chapter 13.
  4. Avoid too high and low rates: When you look at price as a factor in choosing an attorney, remember that very low rates often mean low quality service and results. Very high fees means that the attorney may be overcharging. Try and find an attorney with mid-level prices who gives good service.

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